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Jun 20 2024 17:29

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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20

Local sustainability plans

In 2020, Lindab reviewed its sustainability work and developed a new sustainability plan, under the heading "Lindab - For a better climate". In 2021, the work with the long-term plans will continue with local sustainability plans being developed for each unit in Lindab.

Matilda Isaksson, responsible for sustainability within the Lindab Group, says:

The most important thing for us in 2020 has been the work on the new sustainability plan. We have raised the level of ambition considerably and are now looking forward to making it a reality.

What do you see as the most prioritised in 2021?

To implement the plan and develop new goals together with our subsidiaries, carry out risk analysis, increase transparency and start the process for sustainable sourcing for all companies.

During the year, we will participate in the UN Global Compact's program SDG Ambition, with the aim of accelerating the integration of the 17 goals in the core business.

Internal communication is important to engage all employees and to increase understanding of how they can contribute. We will only succeed in achieving our goals if we work together. It is together with our colleagues in different parts of Lindab that we can make a real change.

What happens next?

When the local plans are ready, we will analyze how the global plan needs to be adapted. We are also in the process of including key figures for sustainability in our internal process for quarterly reporting. Today, the figures are collected on an annual basis, but we need a more continuous follow-up of the most important key figures to know that we are on the right track.


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