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Jan 27 2022 14:18

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Jan 27 2022 14:18

263.00 SEK0.20

Acquisitions & divestments

Acquisitions are an important part of Lindab's strategy. We shall acquire well managed, successful companies that complement our offering in selected regions and product areas. The acquired companies continue to operate independently under their own brands, while, at the same time, benefiting from Lindab’s sales network and central resources at their chosen pace.

The tables below show acquisitions and divestments starting at year 2020.



Name Type of company Country Sales, SEK m Profitability cf. Lindab Acquired year More information
Alig Ventilation Distribution Sweden 65 Higher 2021/2022 Press release
Profilplåt Products/Distribution Sweden 70 Higher 2021 Press release
Klimatek Products Denmark 30 Lower 2021 Press release
Tecnovent Products/Distribution Switzerland 20 Lower 2021 Press release


Products/Distribution Sweden 100 Higher 2021 Press release

H.A. Helgesen

Products/Distribution Norway 15 Higher 2021 Press release
Aer Faber Distribution Norway 53 Higher 2020 Press release
Crenna Products/Distribution Sweden 118 Comparable 2020 Press release
Ekovent Products/Technology Sweden 127 Comparable 2020 Press release
Thor Duct Products/Technology Ireland 15 Higher 2020 Press release
Leapcraft (part-owned) Technology Denmark - - 2020 Press release


Business Area Building Systems (Astron)  Customized steel buildings Several countries, with a majority in Eastern Europe 946 Lower Announced in Sept. To be closed by end of 2021. Press release
IMP Klima Air handling unit Slovenia 269 Lower 2020 Press release
Name Type of company Country Sales, SEK m Profitability cf. Lindab Divested year More information