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Apr 19 2024 17:29

215.00 SEK-1.00

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Apr 19 2024 17:29

215.00 SEK-1.00

Lindab as an investment

Lindab is a company with well-known brands, a strong financial position and a clear sustainability profile that operates in a market with good growth potential. On this page we highlight five reasons to invest in the Lindab share:

A changing market

With a greater focus on health and well-being, the demand for good indoor climate is increasing. We spend more time indoors and have gained increased knowledge about the effects of poor indoor air. The demand for smart ventilation to reduce energy consumption in buildings is also increasing. EU's Green Deal has accelerated the investment in sustainable new construction and renovation, with the goal that 35 million buildings will be renovated by the year 2030. This will lead to increased demand for Lindab's products.

Market leader in ventilation

Lindab has well-established high-quality brands and a strong sustainability profile. Through an extensive distribution network with our own pro-shops, we can maintain a high level of availability and service level all the way to customers. In Europe, Lindab is the market leader in ventilation.

Investment program

The largest investment program in Lindab's history is currently being implemented. The focus is on automation and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact and improve safety for our employees. The investment projects have short payback times and the program includes about 50 projects around Lindab's facilities in Europe.

Well defined acquisition strategy

A strong financial position enables acquisitions. The ventilation industry has many small players and Lindab aims to consolidate the industry. We will acquire well-managed, successful companies that complement our offering in selected geographic regions and product areas. This is possible thanks to strong cash flow and low net debt.

Focus on results

We believe in decentralised responsibility where each country's organisation quickly can adapt its operations. The trust in Lindab has been built up through many years of entrepreneurial spirit, where each employee takes responsibility and solves problems when they arise. Focus is on execution and on showing results. Lindab is aiming at continuously improving profitability.