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Jun 20 2024 17:29

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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20


Our strategy focuses on five areas that set the framework and direction for our
business, and enable us to achieve our vision and targets.


Market leader

We should be the best, and preferably the largest, at what we do.
Lindab focuses on selected countries in Europe where we are able to build strong customer relationships. We specialise in those parts of our offering where we have superior expertise and extensive experience. Our ambition is to be the market leader in air distribution and air diffusion. Our products shall maintain superior technical standard and be compatible with other parts of a ventilation system.


Lindab shall be located close to its customers and offer what is in demand in each market.
This means that the offer is different in different parts of Europe, depending on what ventilation installers and tinsmiths demand. We believe in local production to reduce transportation and provide the best service. In Scandinavia, we have solid operations for sheet metal roofs, rainwater systems and wall elements, which are integrated well with the ventilation operations. This is a successful local adaptation which we are proud of.


By manufacturing standardised products, we can achieve a high degree of automation.
This leads to safer work environments and higher efficiency. We shall take advantage of digital channels and of system support in our business. Lindab believes in continuous improvement throughout the company.


Lindab has well-known brands that customers know they can trust.
Our products are of superior quality and our employees have the skills demanded. We shall be a knowledgeable partner to whom customers can turn with their ventilation and construction projects.


We deliver what we promise, on time.
The trust in Lindab has been built up over many years through our entrepreneurial spirit, with each employee taking responsibility and resolving problems as they arise. Those who are closest to our customers know best what needs to be done.