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Jun 20 2024 17:29

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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20


July 2021

Lindab has the construction industry as its primary target segment and sales are concentrated in Europe with less than two percent of sales outside of Europe. Sales are affected by activity in the European construction industry, with emphasis on the countries in Northern Europe.

The pandemic’s impact on Lindab was strongest during the second quarter of 2020. Since then, construction activity has gradually returned to previous levels. During the second quarter of 2021, the impact on Lindab was minor.

Lindab’s goal has been to keep factories, distribution centres and sales channels open as far as possible. Lindab customers value high availability and delivery precision. By ensuring that critical deliveries can be made, Lindab strengthens its competitiveness and increases customer loyalty.

Lindab has good possibilities to secure deliveries to customers thanks to over 30 production facilities around Europe. Local stock levels have increased to further reduce the risks. Lindab has limited dependency on raw materials and com¬ponents from countries outside Europe, which reduces the risk of transport disruptions. Alternative suppliers have been used when deemed necessary and this has thus reduced the dependency on individual suppliers.

Lindab’s facilities have clear routines to prevent the spread of infections and to increase the safety of employees. For con¬firmed covid-19 cases among Lindab’s employees, measures have been taken to prevent further spread of the infection. Protective equipment has been put on stock to secure future availability.

In 2020 Lindab reduced the costs to adapt the business to a lower demand. Support measures and short-term work have been utilised to a limited extent in a few countries.

Lindab has a strong financial position. Efficiency measures have resulted in a solid balance sheet and a strong profit. The development of the pandemic is closely monitored and Lindab continuously evaluates different scenarios to be able to adapt operations to prevailing circumstances.