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Aug 12 2022 17:29

170.20 SEK-0.80


Aug 12 2022 17:29

170.20 SEK-0.80

Lindab acquires Alig Ventilation with focus on residential ventilation in Sweden

Lindab's ventilation solutions are mainly used in larger buildings. With the acquisition of Alig Ventilation AB, the offering is extended with products and expertise for ventilation in smaller residential buildings. Closing of the transaction is expected in January.

Alig Ventilation offers advice, calculations, drawings and ventilation products to house manufacturers, construction contractors and private individuals. The company has focused on ventilation for smaller properties and handles both new construction and renovation. Alig Ventilation also runs the webshop “”.

With the acquisition, Lindab will get access to increased expertise for ventilation of single residential houses and other smaller properties. In addition, the acquisition provides established relationships with Swedish manufacturers of single-family homes and a direct sales channel to consumers.

"We are looking forward to strengthening our business by welcoming Alig Ventilation to Lindab," says Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab. “Both companies are experts in ventilation but with a focus on different customer groups. Together with Alig Ventilation, we can develop our products to become even better. We are also very pleased that the four previous owners will continue to run the business as part of Lindab.”

"By becoming part of Lindab, we will get the opportunity to take our business to the next level," says Mikael Olsson, Managing Director of Alig Ventilation. “Lindab's products fit well into our product range and by being part of a larger group, we get access to a broad portfolio of high-quality products. We can in turn contribute with strong customer relationships and high competence in an area that Lindab wants to develop further. We are looking forward to a very rewarding collaboration.”

Lindab has today signed an agreement to acquire Alig Ventilation. Closing is expected in January. Alig Ventilation AB was founded in the early 70's by Kenneth Olsson and is today run by the founder’s sons Mikael, Mathias, David and Daniel Olsson. The business is based in Mariestad in Sweden, where the company has 15 employees. Alig Ventilation has annual sales of approximately SEK 65 million and an operating margin that is higher than Lindab's operating margin.

Read more about Alig Ventilation on their website:



Ola Ringdahl
President and CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 431 850 00

Catharina Paulcén
Head of Corporate Communications
Mobile: +46 (0) 701 48 99 65

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