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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20

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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20

Lindab acquires Danish ventilation company Venti

Lindab complements its current operations in Denmark with the acquisition of Venti A/S. The acquisition gives Lindab better geographical coverage and increased production of ventilation ducts.

Venti manufactures circular and rectangular ventilation ducts and is a distributor of ventilation products such as silencers, fittings, and a wide range of technical products for air diffusion. Sales and distribution take place in two locations in Denmark, outside Aarhus and Copenhagen. Venti does not sell Lindab products at present.

"Venti is a customer-focused company with solid ventilation knowledge," says Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab. "The Danish market appreciates premium products and, like Lindab, Venti produces ventilation ducts in the highest tightness class. When Venti becomes part of Lindab, we will together provide our customers throughout Denmark with the best service with the shortest delivery times. We look forward to developing the company further together with Managing Director and co-owner Søren Lindahl Klausen and his skilled employees".

"There are good development opportunities for Venti in the Danish market together with Lindab, which will benefit our customers and our employees. We look forward to becoming part of Lindab and continuing to offer good service and high quality.", says Søren Lindahl Klausen, Managing Director and co-owner of Venti.

Venti was founded in 1973 and is based in Hørning outside Aarhus. The company has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 120 million and 34 employees. The acquisition is financed through own cash and is expected to be completed during the summer of 2024.

Read more about Venti on their website:   


Ola Ringdahl
President and CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 431 850 00

Lars Ynner
Phone: +46 (0) 431 850 00

Catharina Paulcén
Head of Corporate Communications
Mobile: +46 (0) 701 48 99 65


Lindab in brief

Lindab is a leading ventilation company in Europe. Lindab develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and systems for energy-efficient ventilation and a healthy indoor climate. The products are characterised by high quality, ease of installation and environmental thinking.

The Group had sales of SEK 13,114 m in 2023 and is established in 20 countries with approximately 5,000 employees. The Nordic region accounted for 45 percent of sales in 2023, Western Europe for 42 percent, Central Europe for 12 percent and Other markets for 1 percent.
The share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap, under the ticker symbol LIAB.