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Sep 30 2022 17:29

124.70 SEK4.00


Sep 30 2022 17:29

124.70 SEK4.00

Corporate Governance Report 2019

Peter Nilsson, Chairman of the Board

What activities have been most important for the Board?

All those that relate to the business and drive value in Lindab. Our Board meetings always last for a whole day and we spend a lot of the time on value-driving points. Engaging in dialogue with and listening to different representatives from the business makes us better as a Board. It enables us to take decisions that support the CEO and his team in continuing the positive development.

Important board decisions 2019

  • Updated financial targets and new dividend policy
  • Plan for investments in production and logistics
  • Increased focus on a safe working environment

Bolagsstyrningsrapport 2019 

Corporate Governance report 
for 2019



Did you know that we breathe an entire tanker truck of air in a day?

We eat about 1 kg of food a day, drink 1-3 l of water and we breathe about 15 kilos a day. This corresponds to 12,000 liters of air or 20 cubic meters, as much as a full tanker truck.

Many of us are quite conscious about what we choose to eat and drink. But do you often think about the air you breathe? In the UK, we spend around 90% of our time indoors and often the air indoors is more polluted than outdoors. When it comes to children, they are more sensitive and at risk of higher exposure because they eat, drink and breathe more in relation to their body size.


Air pollution is a health challenge

If we stay in buildings with poor air quality, we run a higher risk of suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases. In addition, our cognitive abilities deteriorate, such as e.g. learning and concentration. Therefore, we think it is extremely important that nurseries and schools have good ventilation.

Consider how the room will be used

When planning for ventilation, it is important to think about how the room will be used. For example, in a nursery, you must consider that small children often play on the floor and therefor the air needs to be able to flow all the way down there. It is important to have the right ventilation system and diffuser in the right place for everyone to feel good and be happy!