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Dec 06 2021 14:20

285.20 SEK-3.80


Dec 06 2021 14:20

285.20 SEK-3.80

Product offering

Lindab manufactures and sells products and solutions for ventilation systems in Europe. We are leading the development of tight duct systems and has, for example, been the first supplier to offer duct systems in the highest tightness class D.

In a number of markets, we also offer construction products in areas such as roofs, walls and roof drainage. We also offer complete halls in steel.

The description below is a simplified summary of our largest product groups. More detailed product descriptions are available at

Ventilation Systems

Air distribution

Duct systems are used to transport air. We offer both circular and rectangular systems, which are often combined in the same ventilation system. This product group also includes products such as silencers and dampers that are mounted as part of the duct system.

Air diffusion

Ventilation systems control the climate in the room by regulating the air flow. This product category includes airborne products such as valves, diffusers and grilles as well as waterborne products that control, among other things, room temperature.

Fire & Safety

To prevent fire and smoke from spreading through the ventilation system, safe and reliable ventilation fire protection systems are needed. This product group has certified products such as fire dampers, fans and duct systems that can withstand very high temperatures. We also offer complete fireproof system solutions for all types of buildings.

Demand controlled ventilation

For a ventilation system to provide a comfortable indoor climate at the same time as it is energy efficient, intelligence is required that can control the air flow based on how the room is used. Within this product category, Lindab has adjustable dampers and intelligent measure units that ensure desired air flow.

Profile Systems


Lindab offers a wide range of metal roofs in many different colours and designs. In addition, we have the award-winning SolarRoof with very thin and integrated solar cells. The product group also includes products for roof safety such as ladders and ridge railings.

Wall & Facade

Steel products for wall and facade consisting of sheet metal, sandwich panels with insulation and facade cassettes in a wide selection of profiles and colours.

Rainwater systems

A high-quality roof needs water drainage. Lindab has a complete system with gutters and accessories in different colours, materials and designs.

Complete hall buildings

Lindab offers ready-to-assemble building kits with standardized building components for commercial buildings such as sports halls, warehouses and distribution centres.

Building Systems

Custom steel buildings

Under the Astron brand, custom-built steel buildings are offered where each building is optimized for the customer's needs. Astron delivers complete prefabricated systems for commercial buildings such as industrial halls, parking garages and warehouses.