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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20

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Jun 20 2024 17:29

238.60 SEK3.20

  • 1 Healthy indoor environments
  • 2 For a better climate
  • 3 Focus on profitability

For a better climate

We want to contribute to tomorrow's indoor climate. We also want to contribute to a better climate for our planet. Lindab is a leading ventilation company in Europe with solutions for energy efficient ventilation and a healthy indoor climate. In northern Europe, we also have an extensive range of roofs, walls and rainwater systems.

Lindab's capital markets day

Lindab held a capital market day for investors, analysts and the media on June 20, 2022.

Watch the recording of the presentations and the question sessions.

Annual General Meeting

Lindab´s Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday May 14, 2024 at Experience Center in Grevie, Sweden.


Contribute to healthy indoor environments

Do you want to become part of a great team at a market-leading company with good working conditions? And at the same time contribute to healthy indoor environments? Then you have found the right place.