January 29, 2020

The Nomination Committee’s proposal regarding election of Board of Directors

The Nomination Committee in Lindab International AB (publ) consists of Göran Espelund (chair), representing Lannebo Fonder, Per Colléen, representing Fjärde AP-fonden, Anders Algotsson representing AFA Försäkring and Peter Nilsson, chairman of the Board of Lindab International AB (publ).

The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of the Board members Per Bertland, Sonat Burman-Olsson, Viveka Ekberg, Anette Frumerie and Peter Nilsson. The Nomination Committee proposes election of Marcus Hedblom and Staffan Pehrson as new members of the Board to replace John Hedberg and Bent Johannesson. John Hedberg och Bent Johannesson have declined re-election.

Marcus Hedblom, born in 1970, is since 2015 President and CEO of Ovako. Year 2011 to 2015 Marcus was the CFO at Ovako. Marcus has previously held various leading positions in SAS, among others Deputy CFO SAS Group, CEO of the SAS subsidiary Spanair and CFO of SAS Sweden. Marcus holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Linköping University. Marcus is a member of the board and chairman of various companies within the Ovako Group, a board member of the Swedish steel industry association Jernkontoret, and vice chairman of the Swedish steel industry’s employers' association Stål & Metall. Marcus holds no shares in Lindab and is considered as being independent in relation to the company and major shareholders.

Staffan Pehrson, born in 1968, has been the President and CEO of NEFAB Group since 2016. Staffan has previously held several positions within Ericsson Group including VP of Product Related Services, VP of Solution Area Media, EVP/General Manager Ericsson Inc, Seattle and responsible for Ericsson Hungary. Staffan holds a master's degree in Technical Physics at Uppsala University and in System Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA and an Executive MBA, Stockholm School of Economics. Staffan has been a board member of i.a. Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA) and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary. Staffan holds no shares in Lindab and is considered as being independent in relation to the company and major shareholders.

The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Peter Nilsson as chairman of the Board.




Göran Espelund, chairman of the Nomination Committee
Phone: +46 8 56 22 5200

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