September 9, 2020

Lindab SolarRoof wins Energy Prize from Danish Building Centres

Lindab's newly developed SolarRoof(TM) is a complete roof system with integrated solar cells. SolarRoof has been awarded the Danish Building Centres’ Energy Prize 2020 with the motivation that Lindab has combined an established technology for steel roofs with the latest technology in solar energy.

“Lindab SolarRoof is a good example of how we are constantly developing our products to meet new requirements. We are very proud that our work has been awarded by the Danish Building Centres. Solar panels on roofs are nothing new, but we wanted to make a solution that was easier to install with a better design than solutions available on the market”, says Magnus Dahlberg, sales and product manager at Lindab Profil.

Renewable energy production makes SolarRoof a good deal for both the economy and the environment. Depending on the conditions, the solar cells become carbon neutral after only two years of use.

Environmentally, there is great potential in using solar panels, but the potential is far from being exploited today. “We see that many architects and homeowners want to use solar panels because of their energy benefits, but at the same time they are reluctant for aesthetic reasons. When solar panels are retrofitted to the roof, they rarely become an integral part of the house's overall design. SolarRoof has been developed so that the roof and solar panels become an integral part of the architectural expression”, continues Magnus Dahlberg.

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