November 19, 2020

Lindab invests in Leapcraft, specialized in advanced measurement and analysis of indoor climate

Energy efficient ventilation systems measure the air quality in the room and continuously adjust the optimum air flow. The result is healthier indoor climate as well as lower energy consumption. Lindab offers ventilation products with demand-controlled ventilation, but was looking for a partner for a close collaboration on measurement and analysis of the indoor climate. With the investment in Leapcraft, Lindab will get access to added technology and products, as well as knowledge sharing for future product development.

Leapcraft offers a subscription-based analysis and monitoring service giving property owners, consultants, installers and tenants the opportunity to continuously monitor the indoor climate and identify how the system should be adjusted. Since the indoor climate is measured continuously and not just at one point in time, the quality of the analysis is higher.

Leapcraft's analysis service collects data from sensors installed in the room and outdoors. The analysis service connects, via open standards, to sensors from different manufacturers. Leapcraft's sensors can be upgraded remotely to connect with Lindab's products. By installing Leapcraft’s sensors, costly on-site inspections can be avoided. Lindab is planning to offer its customers Leapcraft's technology based on a business model where revenues are shared between the companies.

Leapcraft has also recently launched a sensor for private use, AirBird, that measures air quality in an innovative way.

“Leapcraft has impressed us with its technology that is easy to integrate and use. With this collaboration, Leapcraft can continue as an agile and independent company. At the same time, we can collaborate and develop even better products and services through our shared expertise”, says Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab Group.

“We were looking for a partner with solid ventilation knowledge and strong market position. We are looking forward to reaching a larger customer base, which will increase our experience of different customer situations and thus make our analysis service even better”, says Vinay Venkatraman, Founder and CEO of Leapcraft.

Leapcraft will use Lindab's investment to finance continued market expansion and new R&D. Lindab's shareholding corresponds to a significant minority share of capital and votes in the company. Leapcraft is based in Denmark and the company offers customers throughout Europe subscription-based services for analysis and monitoring of the indoor climate as well as sensors for indoor and outdoor use.

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