Treasury shares


Lindab's AGM 7 May 2008 gave the board a mandate to decide, during the period until the next ordinary AGM, to repurchase and transfer treasuryshares up to a maximum amount of SEK 400 m. However, the Company's holding of treasury  shares may not exceed 5 percent of all shares in the company at any one time.The buy-back shall be used to adjust the Company's capital structure. The treasury shares will be used for financing possible acquisitions, be utilised in connection with the supply of shares in exchange for issued options within the framework of a possible incentive programme, or the shares will be cancelled.
The share buy-back programme totalling 3,935,391 shares was completed on 10 December 2008.
The acquisition of IVK-Tuote Oy in 2010 was financed through Lindab treasury shares, in which 559,553 shares were transferred to the seller of the company.
In the beginning of May 2012 1,000,000 treasury shares were sold and will be used to part-finance the acquisition of Centrum Klima S.A.  The number of outstanding shares has therefore increased to 76,331,982.
As per 31 Dec 2019, Lindab holds 2,375,838 treasury shares.
The total number of shares issued by Lindab remains at 78,707,820.