Illustration of Lindab Strategy


Strategy for Lindab 2015 - 2020

Lindab’s new strategy entails a long-term re-positioning in order to generate greater added value for more stakeholders and cover a larger section of the value chain. It is based on Lindab’s internal strengths and unique opportunities to take advantage of global trends in population growth, urbanisation, energy efficiency, intelligent buildings and materials, and the fast-growing market segment HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). In short, the strategy encompasses five focus areas that are to generate higher profitability and growth in the coming years.

​Through the strong distribution network and broad product offering along with numerous and close customer relationships, Lindab's market positions will advance even further.
​The supply chain that comprises purchasing, production, logistics and distribution will generate higher value based on an overall customer-focused approach through simplification, rationalisation and innovation
​​By utilising the strength of our ventilation and indoor climate product portfolio comprising strong R&D and customised manufacture, complete solutions will be offered to new customer segments.
​Enhance a long-term, innovative culture in order to generate ideas, both ground-breaking and incremental improvements, in all areas will assure future growth and profitability.
​Strong leadership, employer brand, culture and investment in staff development will create the right conditions to ensure that Lindab has the best team for its business.