Lindab’s commitment regarding responsibility for products is governed by the Group’s Code of Ethics (Environmental Protection and Workplace Safety) and the Environmental policy.


Lindab’s fundamental idea is to contribute to simplifying construction in all phases of the construction process: in the design phase, of the product itself, its installation and delivery. Lindab also conducts material research and development projects together with suppliers, notably within surface treatment, corrosion problems, strength plus health and environmental aspects.


Many people spend 80–90 percent of their time indoors. It is therefore

important that the indoor environment is healthy and that the building’s components do not pose any health risks. Lindab has long been actively working to identify and replace anything that can be considered to be a hazard to the environment or to health. One relevant example of this substitution is the transition to metal that is free from hexavalent chromium.


Resources are also being dedicated to the development of products in order to optimise the manufacturing process, and to reduce costs and the environmental impact. Lindab tests and documents the products that are developed to ensure quality and functionality. Quality management systems are applied throughout the business. Almost all of Lindab’s production units have quality systems certified to ISO 9001. The products are supplied with the documentation requested by the various markets such as user manuals, certificates and environmental product declarations.


Through extensive experience, Lindab has built up the knowledge required to meet all customer needs and wishes. Listening to customers’ comments and requests increases understanding and Lindab is therefore able to work more closely with the customer. One example is the development of a series of tools, launched under the concept “Smart Tools”, aimed at improving ergonomics for installers and simplifying the process at the construction site. During the year no breaches of the rules have been identified regarding the Group’s marketing, product information, availability of products, or health and safety effects of the products. No fines concerning such violations have therefore been adjudged or paid.