At Lindab, we not only take responsibility for creating sustainable development with products and services that improve energy efficiency and reduce resource consumption. We also take responsibility for all the people who are affected by our activities in some way. Through our sustainability work we have continued to improve the working environment for our employees, reduced the number of accidents and increased our focus on creating an even more equal, inclusive workplace that embraces diversity and people’s differences. We have also reduced resource consumption in production and increased investment in the development of products and solutions that have a low environmental impact for our customers.

Sustainability work is a natural part of our new strategy. We don’t want to just be part of the future. We want to help shape it.


Lindab's sustainability work is based on a number of guidelines and instruments, Lindab's Code of EthicsEnvironmental Policy and Quality and Sustainability Policy  are important components of the internal regulatory framework for sustainable business ethics. More information about Lindab's sustainability efforts can be found in our Annual Report and Sustainability Report, which contains a complete GRI index, the CEO's comments, information regarding Lindab's environmental work and materiality analysis and stakeholder dialogue.


Lindab strives to achieve transparency and a high level of (business) ethics. Our employees are the most important source of insight for revealing possible misconduct that needs to be addressed. Our whistleblowing service offers a possibility to alert the company/organisation about suspicions of misconduct in confidence. It is an important tool for reducing risks and maintaining trust in our operations by enabling us to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage. Whistleblowing can be done openly or anonymous

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