Nomination Committee
Nomination Committee was appointed in October 2018 comprising the following:
  • Sven Hagströmer, representing Creades AB (chair)
  • Per Colleen, representing Fjärde AP-fonden 
  • Göran Espelund, representing Lannebo Fonder AB 
  • Peter Nilsson, Chairman of the Board of Lindab International AB (publ)
In accordance with the AGM resolution, the Nomination Committee will evaluate the composition and work of the Board of Directors and will submit proposals for the 2020 AGM regarding:
  • Election of a Chairman for the AGM 2020
  • Election of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board
  • Election of the auditor
  • Fees to Board members, any committees and auditor
  • Composition of the Nomination Committee for the 2021 AGM
The Annual General Meeting 2019 was held on the 8 of May 2019 at 3 pm (CEST) at Norrviken, Båstad.
For further information, please contact: Peter Nilsson, Chairman of the Board, +46 (0)734 19 63 31 or Ola Ranstam, General Counsel (Interim), +46 (0)701 49 78 10.

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