Nomination Committee
Nomination Committee was appointed in September 2020 comprising the following:
·         Göran Espelund, appointed by Lannebo Fonder
·         Per Colleen, appointed by Fjärde AP-fonden
·         Anna Sundberg, appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder
·         Peter Nilsson, as Chairman of the Board of Lindab International AB
Göran Espelund was appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.
In accordance with the decision at the Annual General Meeting, the Nomination Committee shall assess the work and composition of the Board of Directors and present suggestions to the Annual General Meeting of 2021 e.g. concerning:
·         Election of Chairman of the Annual General Meeting
·         Election of Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board
·         Compensation to the Board of Directors, potential board committees and the Auditors
·         Composition of the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting of 2022
Shareholders who want to contact the Nomination Committee may do so by e-mail to or by ordinary mail to "Lindabs Valberedning, Ola Ranstam, Lindab International AB, 269 82 Båstad".
The Company will, together with its report for the 3rd quarter 2020, announce the date for the Annual General Meeting 2021.
Shareholders wishing to introduce matters to be resolved at the Annual General Meeting, shall provide notification thereof to the Chairman of the Board (address as indicated above) well in advance of the publication of the Announcement of the Annual General Meeting, such announcement will be published in the end of March 2021.
For additional information please contact: Göran Espelund, Chairman of the Nomination Committee tel. +46 (0)8-5622 5200, Peter Nilsson, Chairman of the Board of Lindab International AB, tel. +46 (0)431-850 00 or to Ola Ranstam, General Counsel (Interim) Lindab AB tel. +46 (0)701-49 78 10