The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of seven members, elected by the Annual General Meeting and two employee representatives.


Each Board member's name, age, year of election, position, independence and shareholding is shown in the table below:


Members of the Board



Peter Nilsson
Born in 1962.
Elected to the Board in 2016.
Chairman of the Board since 2016.
Holding: 61,000 shares
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Per Bertland

Born in 1957.
Elected to the Board in 2016, independent.
Holding: 10,000 shares

Sonat Burman-Olsson
Born in 1958.
Elected to the board in 2011, independent.
Holding: 539 shares
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Viveka Ekberg
Born in 1962.
Elected to the Board in 2016, independent.
Holding13,000 shares


Anette Frumerie
Born in 1968.
Elected to the Board in 2017, independent
Holding: 1,600 shares

John Hedberg

Born in 1972.
Elected to the board in 2017, dependent
Holding: 1,000 shares
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Bent Johannesson
Born in 1954.
Elected to the board in 2016, independent.
Holding: 2,000 shares


Employee representatives: ​



Anders Lundberg
Born in 1962.
Elected to the Board in 2016.
Employee representative with LO (Swedish Trade Union Confederation).
Holding: 10 shares
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Pontus Andersson
Born in 1966.
Elected to the Board in 1995.
Employee representative with Unionen (Swedish Union of Clerical and Technical Employees in Industry).
Holding: 250 shares

 Photo: Mette Ottosson

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