Air Duct Systems


The Air Duct Systems division is part of the Ventilation business area and includes complete, mainly circular, duct systems for ventilation as well as duct details and components, complemented by rectangular duct products and hoods. These products are used in the construction of ventilation systems.

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Circular ducts

Circular duct systems have many advantages compared with rectangular systems, including lower weight, faster installation times, smaller insulated areas and lower energy consumption and energy loss.


Circular ventilation components

Lindab's premium brand for circular ventilation components is the Lindab Safe system. This is equipped with a double EPDM seal at the end of the ventilation components, secured in place by a metal strip in the manufacture. The seal is an essential detail since it allows airtight systems and thereby reduces leakage and results in high energy efficiency in the buildings. Lindab also supplies circular ventilation components under the Spiro brand, which also use a rubber seal.


Special duct systems

Within this area, Lindab offers three different systems. The Transfer system is a circular duct system using a band fastening for quick assembly and disassembly, which is mainly used for the transportation of light materials. The Isol system is a system with pre-insulated ducts and fittings with sheet steel inner and outer casings, intended for use both in and outdoors. The Marine system is an insulated system designed to achieve a particular fire classification and that has been especially produced for ventilation on vessels.


Rectangular systems

In order to provide a complete offering of duct systems, Lindab also manufactures rectangular ventilation ducts and ventilation components. Many duct systems continue to be made up of rectangular parts and in certain countries these rectangular systems still dominate.



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Completed projects


  Kongelige Teaters operahus
Project: Ventilation products for Opera House
Customer: E. Klink
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project: Air duct system and air system for car factory
Customer: Imtech Mÿnchen
Location: Leipzig, Germany